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Full alphabetical listing of all conference papers

Guidelines for paper presentations at IASC 2008 (PDF, 25KB)

Details of the $500 conference presentation prizes (PDF 116KB)

Tips for Preparing PowerPoint Presentations

Guidelines for submission of papers

Submission deadline: extended to 31st May 2008
Submit electronically: In Word or rich text format, with an abstract, and up to
six key words; submit as one document.
Length: Not to exceed 30 pages, including all tables, figures,
notes, appendices, and references.
Margins: 1" (2.54 centimetres) on all dimensions.
Title: Arial pt. 14, Bold, align centre
First Author and
Font Arial pt. 12, Bold, align centre. Initials and surname
in that order. Multiple authors must be separated by a
comma. Include affiliation of author(s) in a footnote
(Arial, pt 10, align left).
Abstract: Include an abstract in the main text, maximum length
300 words (Arial 12 pt, align left)
Key words: Include key words immediately after the abstract
(Arial 12 pt, Italic, align left)
Body of the text:  Arial, 12 pt, align left

Single-space all material (text, quotations, figure legends, tables, references, etc). Separate paragraphs with a space.

Page numbering:
Number all pages; place the number in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

All submissions must include the author’s name(s), affiliation(s), the title of the paper, an abstract and keywords.

Footnotes should be used when appropriate and placed on the relevant page of your manuscript. Do not use endnotes.

Use leading zeroes with all numbers less than 1, including probability values
(e.g., P < 0.001). Whenever possible, indicate the year and version number of the statistical software used.

Web (HTML) links
Authors may include links to other Internet resources in their article [(e.g., the International Association for the Study of Commons: http://www.iascp.org/]. This is especially encouraged in the reference section. When inserting a reference to a webpage, please include the http:// portion of the address.

Headings and subheadings

Main headings:
The body text should be subdivided into different sections with appropriate headings. The standard headings must appear on a single line by themselves, left justified, and be UPPER CASE

Subsection headings:
Lower order headings must appear on a line by themselves and should be left-justified, italicized, and lowercase except for the initial letter of the first word which should be uppercase.

Literature cited
The list of Literature Cited should be included after the final section of the main article body. A blank line should be inserted between single-spaced entries in the list.
Software to handle references
If reference software is used, we ask that the correct in-text citation methods be used in the text itself (e.g. in Procite this would be Author Date / ft : page number) and that the files be submitted that are necessary to compile the database with all -and only- the references that are necessary to compile the bibliography. In the case of Procite, both the .pdx and .pdt file should be sent. Please also submit your literature list in full (see more below in the advice on Literature cited).

In ENDNOTE the correct output style is called "Chicago 15th B".

If reference software is not used, be sure to do the following before submitting the manuscript:
• Check each citation in the text against the Literature Cited to ensure that they match exactly
• Delete citations from the list if they are not actually cited in the text of the article
• Make sure the list conforms in sequencing and punctuation to that found in Chicago Manual of Style Citation Guide for science and social science.
• Spell out all journal titles completely
• In the titles of articles, capitalization of the common names of organisms and the spellings of all words should agree exactly with that used in the original publication.

If more guidance is required on formatting of papers please contact the Conference Secretariat in Cheltenham (iasc2008@glos.ac.uk). These guidelines are based on the submission requirements for papers submitted to the International Journal of the Commons.

All submissions must include the author’s full name, affiliation and contact details, the title of the paper, and an abstract.

All papers should be e-mailed to iasc2008@glos.ac.uk in word or text format by 31st May 2008.

The submission deadline is non-negotiable. Any paper that is not received by this date will not appear in the conference programme.

Awards for best papers

Paper that does the most to improve understanding of linkages between local and global commons

“Bylaws and their critical role in natural resource management: Insights from African experience”
Helen Markelova and Brent Swallow
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)

Paper that provides the best case study analysis

“Multi-Stakeholder Governance in Land and Forestry in Uganda: Conflict Mitigation, Scale, Knowledge and Collective Action”
Joseph Bahati, Abwoli Banana, William Gombya-Ssembajjwe
Makerere University, Faculty of Forestry and Nature Conservation, Uganda

Paper that does the most to improve understanding of governance issues

“Towards an Eclectic Theory of the Internet Commons”
Justyna Hofmokl, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw.

Awards for best presentations

The following persons won prizes for quality of presentations:

Standard Panel sessions

Lamin Jammeh Department of Forestry, Gambia
Doris Marinez-Melgar Environmental Studies Centre, Guatemala

‘aqua vitae’ session

Hemant Gupta Forest Survey of India, India
Dhrupad Choudhury International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, Nepal

In addition to the prize winners, the following persons gave exceptionally high quality presentations:

Jes Weigelt
Ruth Yabes
Michael Murphree
Caroline Upton
Ruth Hall
Joseph Bahati
Helen Markelova
Evaristo Mapedza
Gary Kofinas
Ananya Mukherjee
Jim Robson
Paul Trawick
Josh Tenenberg