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Photo by Ken Taylor: Keld in upper Swaledale, North Yorkshire

Conference Schedule and Papers

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Overview of Conference Programme

The Conference structure is outlined below.  Monday 14th July, the first day of the conference, consists of four workshops.  Delegates may sign up for a half-day or full day of workshops.  The Opening Reception of the conference takes place in the early evening. 

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday are a mix of parallel panel sessions during which delegates will deliver papers, plenary sessions with key speakers, and late afternoon policy events.

Thursday 17th July is a Field Trip day and delegates may sign up for one field trip.

click here for the latest Conference Programme Schedule overview (PDF 95Kb)

Detailed Conference Programmes

The tables below identify the timing of each panel session in the conference. If you have submitted a paper please check that the details (authors, titles, order of papers) are correct and contact the conference Secretariat if there are any problems.

Timing of papers: we have tried to incorporate all requests over timing of sessions and papers. If there are any serious issues regarding the timing of your paper please contact the Conference Secretariat as soon as possible. Please note this is not the final version of the programme, and the timing of some sessions or papers may be altered over the next two weeks as more papers are submitted.

If you do not see your paper here it may be because we have only recently received it, or not received it at all. We do have several papers that are not in these tables as they have only recently arrived. We will be working them into the programme over the next few days.

Conference Programme Themes 1-3 Conference Programme Themes 4-6
Conference Programme Themes 7-9 Conference Programme Themes 10-12

Monday July 14       Pre conference workshops and seminars

Tuesday July 15      Opening Ceremony and Welcoming Speeches
   Panel Sessions
   Poster Sessions and Book Fair

Wednesday July 16  Panel Sessions
                              Poster Session and Book Fair
                              Conference Dinner

Thursday July 17     Field Trips

Friday July 18         Panel Sessions
   Poster Session and Book Fair
                              Synthesis and Closing Ceremony

Multiple forms of participation

The conference will be delivered through a range of different activities.  These are briefly described below.

Special symposia

We propose a small number of topics to be the subject of special symposia or workshops to allow for focused examination and discussion of emerging issues of interest. 


Young researcher sessions

Graduate students, those recently qualified, or just starting out in research careers may benefit from taking part in sessions identified specifically for young researchers.  The aim is to encourage attendance by young researchers and students.  These will have the following characteristics:

  • Allow for presentations of research ideas, preliminary work or recent completion
  • Provide for research methods discussions
  • Take part in a non-threatening atmosphere


Side event/thematic panels

Opportunities will be provided to sponsoring organisations and other outside bodies to organise and deliver focused policy/practitioner workshops, Thematic panels may also be established to examine a particular issue within a sector, such as forestry or fishing.

Poster presentations

Poster sessions will be organised and run at specific times in order to make the sessions more interactive and attractive both to those presenting and their potential audience.

Keynote speakers at plenary sessions

Several plenary sessions with key note speakers will be held during the week.

Panel sessions of presented papers

Papers will be grouped and presented in standard panel sessions with a chairman.

Short paper sessions

Papers will be presented in a more ‘distilled’ form, with more time devoted to questions and discussion.

Round table discussions

Specific issues will be debated by invited speakers in small discussion groups.

Video and other media presentations

A screening room will be provided for video, film, and other forms of presentation.

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